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Welcome to WordPress.com. Forex Market (Foreign Exchange) is the largest financial market in the world in which buying and selling foreign currencies. Until 1990. The market was only available to central and commercial banks and large financial institutions. Today, the Forex market has a daily turnover of 2 trillion dollars. This clearly shows the size and liquidity of the market.
Development of the Internet Forex Market is open to all: companies, investment managers and for you, the independent participants. The Forex is more than 85% of trade conducted with the seven major currency called ‘Majors’, and that the U.S. dollar, euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss franc, Canadian and Australian dollar.
Today, in a very simple way you can open your account at any of the foreign broker, download their software and start to trade, buy and sell foreign currencies at the same time earning the foreign exchange differences between the purchases and sales value. This is in many ways similar to trading stocks, bonds, etc. and allows you to “the one who knows how to” get rich overnight.

Thus began nearly 80% of all the stories you will find on the internet and all that really looks tempting in the comfort of my home PC for millions of realized earnings. Unfortunately, these dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare or a harsh reality for those who are ignorant Yes or No in this game can only get poderanih pants. So some of the large profits or no speech. Statistics show that only 5% of the people, is a broker in the forex market successfully.

Why is this so?
This is because forex is nothing but pure manipulation and legalized robbery.
This is only a sophisticated form of šibicarenja over the internet and nothing else.
System in which the manipulation is done in essence a very simple and, unfortunately, legal. In fact every time you buy or sell a currency pair such as EUR / USD transactions going through the server to your broker so that they each have ternutku record when you are traded and how. If you are a “burst” as a small player you will soon feel how big fish eat little. Namely because your broker is connected with the powerful financial institutions allowed his disposal large amounts of money. This is going to provide a way to flow large amounts of money from one of your accounts to another account which is also their property. In this way, and artificially raise the price down to match them, and of course at your expense, because you lose money. Decanting the money from one account to another of his remains to them of course all the money plus what you lost.
This is just one way of cheating, and is still popularly called “stop loss hunting. These details will not explain because you can find on other sites as well as other methods.
Those who have devoted hours, days and months studying the forex market, who have lost large amounts of money certainly blame for the failure of their ignorance or say that simply do not have luck. But the point is that it is legalnoj fraud.
Chance to profit only have great players who are able to invest very large sums of money and so “the market swing in his favor. All others are inevitably condemned to the loss of money or total bankruptcy.
Similar things are happening not only in the forex market but also in other markets for goods and capital. For example, the oil market and energy is greatly Manipulated.
No matter how capitalism bus to their freedom and so. free market there are many strategies and methods for manipulating and artificially raising or lowering the price as the big match players. Free market, which will be defined only the ratio of real supply and demand still exists but in a very small percentage.

And in the end what else to say. Perhaps the best decision about Forex to make yourself.
But our advice is: Honor your money, stay away from forex and how our people say, “No bread without hoes.